The Lost City of the Monkey God Review


A five-hundred-year-old legend. An ancient curse. A stunning medical mystery. And a pioneering journey into the unknown heart of the world’s densest jungle.

Since the days of conquistador Hernán Cortés, rumors have circulated about a lost city of immense wealth hidden somewhere in the Honduran interior, called the White City or the Lost City of the Monkey God. Indigenous tribes speak of ancestors who fled there to escape the Spanish invaders, and they warn that anyone who enters this sacred city will fall ill and die. In 1940, swashbuckling journalist Theodore Morde returned from the rainforest with hundreds of artifacts and an electrifying story of having found the Lost City of the Monkey God-but then committed suicide without revealing its location.

Three quarters of a century later, bestselling author Doug Preston joined a team of scientists on a groundbreaking new quest. In 2012 he climbed aboard a rickety, single-engine plane carrying the machine that would change everything: lidar, a highly advanced, classified technology that could map the terrain under the densest rainforest canopy. In an unexplored valley ringed by steep mountains, that flight revealed the unmistakable image of a sprawling metropolis, tantalizing evidence of not just an undiscovered city but an enigmatic, lost civilization.

Venturing into this raw, treacherous, but breathtakingly beautiful wilderness to confirm the discovery, Preston and the team battled torrential rains, quickmud, disease-carrying insects, jaguars, and deadly snakes. But it wasn’t until they returned that tragedy struck: Preston and others found they had contracted in the ruins a horrifying, sometimes lethal-and incurable-disease.

Suspenseful and shocking, filled with colorful history, hair-raising adventure, and dramatic twists of fortune, The Lost City of the Monkey God is the absolutely true, eyewitness account of one of the great discoveries of the twenty-first century.

This was a very intriguing read about the White City or Lost City of the Monkey God in the Mosquitia mountains in Honduras. It shows the hunt for the White City over a century by various archaeologists, treasure hunters, and scientists culminating in the use of laser techniques to find major archaeological finds in the Mosquitia rain forest. We learn about the people who lived in the rain forest and the biological factors that may have forced them to leave their ancestral homes. The book explores the horrific number of dead and society and cultures lost by Old World diseases invading the New World as well as an ancient epidemic that will soon be sweeping modern day populations.

This was a very interesting book that sparked my interest in history, archaeology, and epidemics all in one and made me want to do outside research about the Mosquitia people! I would recommend this to anyone interested in a nonfiction that spans a large span of time and shows the personal, global, and academic ramifications of an archaeology find.

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